The abilities that a unit has are shown when you hover over the unit, the Abilities are based off which row the unit is in. Which row the ability is active in can be seen by the direction the arrow is pointing, generally on the players own side it's left side indicates back row abilities and right side shows front row abilities.

Basic AbilitiesEdit

This section is for abilities which trigger at either the front stage or back stage of the turn (unless under Wound status)

X Defense

X Wound

X Gold

X Crystal

X Heal

X Rampage

X Arrow

X Recruit

X Bolt

X Renegade

X Steal

X Windfall

X Zealot

X Burnout

Advanced AbiltiesEdit

This is the section for abilities where it requires something else to occur before it will trigger

X Knockout

X Atk Squire

X Protect

X Honour

X Duo Y

X Y King

X Deathbolt

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